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Core Returns: What is a Core Charge [?]

A “Core Charge” is very much like a deposit.

You know how there used to be bottle deposits on sodas back in the good ole days? A core charge is the same in practice.

We give you a refund on your purchase when you send us your defective electronic control module back to Auto ECMs. 

If you purchase a part such as a Ford ECM for $475.00, $100 of the cost is a Core Charge. When you receive your purchased part and send us back your used module, you will receive a refund of $100. At the end of the day, you actually paid $375.00 + tax and shipping for the part.


Why do we want your defective core back?

What could we possibly use it for other than as a paper-weight? Well, cores are recyclable and can be rebuilt into a functional unit and put back into service in the future. 


Here’s how the Core Charge works:

  • The Core Charge is built into your purchase price – usually it’s $100 but that price may vary depending upon the part you purchased from Auto ECMs.
  • When you receive the electronic control module you purchased from Auto ECMs and replace it for the one in your car - send us the part pulled from your car.
  • When your old ECM is returned to us we will refund the core deposit back to you.

When you send us back your core it should be the exact part you pulled from your car and not a substitute part from someone else’s vehicle. This ensures you will receive your core deposit back as expected.

Also, please drain all fluids from your ABS when sending it back. ABS modules are prone to leaking into the boxes when they are shipped.


If you have any questions about Core Charges or Auto ECMs return policy, feel free to contact us at 800.900.0194.