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The Engine Computer Isn't the Problem. What Now?

You took your car into the shop because your check engine light was on. After running the On Board Diagnostics (OBD) the auto tech advises that the problem is with your engine computer. He recommends that you purchase a replacement module to correct the problem. After replacing your old part with the new one, the same OBD code shows up.

What do you do if the engine computer is not the issue?

First of all, don't blame the auto tech. He's probably a good guy! He ran the OBD scanner and got back a legitimate code. This happens sometimes. It's not a common problem with ECM repairs, but we do see this happen on average several times a month.

If the ECM replacement doesn't correct the original problem, it's important to see if the issue is somewhere else in the automobile. Perhaps the diagnostics gave a code which made it look like the ECU was defective. This may seem like a mistake on the part of the auto tech, but it's actually good to know that the same issue came up when the replacement was inserted.

By showing the same code, you will know that the problem isn't with the computer.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind at this point:

1) If the computer had the exact same problem, take a good look at other areas of the engine and wiring, etc. It could be something elsewhere that isn't so apparent.

2) Also, ensure that the part number ordered is an exact match or a verified interchange with the part pulled from your car. The interchange will not affect the functionality of the car, and because the same code came up when you inserted the interchange it's definitely not a problem with the interchange.

What now? You're probably thinking you're stuck with the part. If you bought a part from us and there is a misdiagnosis at the repair shop, we accept returns and will issue a refund less a $75 restocking fee.

We always hope that the engine computer is the problem with your car repair so you can get back on the road faster, but in case it's not - we understand. Give us a call if you encounter this issue. We're happy to help. 

If you have any questions about Auto ECMs return policy, feel free to contact us at 800.900.0194.