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DPC-202 Hardware Code for FORD Engine Control Modules

The DPC-202 P/N is the hardware code for the PCM in your Ford truck or van. There are multiple engineering numbers associated with the DPC-202 hardware code.  

What the DPC-202 code means on the part is that any part with the DPC-202 code is interchangeable despite having different OEM numbers or Ford Catalog Numbers. The internal hardware is the same across multiple part numbers.

If you are looking for DPC-202 PCM’s give us a call at AutoECMs to find out if we have the engine computer you need in stock.

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As much as we love talking to our customers on the phone, we are always super happy when you purchase a part on our webstore directly. We LOOOVE web orders! If you place a web order you will receive an email from us saying we got your order... and we will send you a tracking number and receipt for your records to the email address you provide when you place the order. 

If you have any questions about your order, please don't hesitate to call or email us!

We process orders Monday through Friday between 8:30AM to 6PM. Orders which are received on the weekend will be processed the next business day.

Call us anytime at 1-800-900-0194 for more information about FORD DPC-202 parts or to check availability and stock levels! 

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